Android 7.0 Nougat makes more sense on tablets… and convertibles


Big smartphones are everywhere, and Nougat’s new features make them more useful.

Honeycomb was meant for tablets. The idea tried to take advantage of that new gold rush started with the iPad, but that iteration never took off.

Tablets are back, but with a different perspective: now they’re trying to conquer not just the consumption but also the production of content, and the new features in Android Nougat take that into account.

Split view is probably the most interesting here, but changes to notifications and other areas that seem to merge certain ideas from Chrome OS -like the new dual system partition- make Android 7.x Nougat an interesting option for the future convertibles that will follow the premature Pixel C.

That and the ability to run Android apps on Chrome OS could bring us a new twist in this market.

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