It will be a lot harder to criticize WhatsApp now


Yesterday WhatsApp announced the final step of its strong encryption effort. Millions of users will finally have access to one of the most important features WhatsApp lacked: privacy protection.

Wired has published a longform on that subject, and it is strange to find there much more appraisal to WhatsApp founders -Jan Koum and Brian Acton who, by the way, look far different to the typical super-billionaire- than to the real responsibles from the actual magic.

That magic comes from Open Whisper Systems, who have provided the tools and protocols that allow that end-to-end encryption to finally be there for WhatsApp users. As Forbes has put it:

All of this is now coming to a billion people’s pockets without them having to do anything about it

Exactly. And that’s how technology really changes lives.


Origen: Forget Apple vs. the FBI: WhatsApp Just Switched on Encryption for a Billion People

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