What is the difference between 16 and 64 GB on an iPhone SE? $10 for Apple, $100 for you

According to IHS, “the iPhone SE (16 GB version) smartphone costs about $160 to build” whereas the 64 GB version comes at $170. This sales technique that forces iPhone users to jump to the 64 GB versions of its smartphones has been critiziced before, but still:

The company still aims to get consumers on the lower rung of the Apple-product ladder with the more affordable 16 GB Apple SE, knowing that many consumers will opt to pay for an iPhone with more memory. In fact, IHS estimates that Apple makes approximately $89 in incremental profit for each iPhone SE 64GB sold when compared with the iPhone SE 16GB.

Smart… and deceptive. That upgrade costs the user 10x what it costs to Apple.

And nobody seems to care, even if those new phones that start at 16 GB can now record 4K video. That is not recommended if you want to have some space for installing apps or taking a few photos, of course.

Bad move, Apple. Bad move.

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