What if Xiaomi Mi 5 was available worldwide?


Xiaomi Mi 5, the latest incarnation of what has made the Chinese maker so famous, is an impressive demonstration of how things change. The copycat is no more: the Mi 5 is a real, original, high end phone in its own right.

Everything in this device screams fast. We’ll have to wait for the camera samples and its comparison to other high end smartphones launched recently, but again, the ex-copycat is really promising.

The problem is not the performance, and of course not the price -there’s no cheaper way to get your hands on a Snapdragon 820 device- but the availability of a smartphone that will be sold initially in China and India. I wonder what would happen if the phone was also available in the Western World, where lots of users would be anxious to get one of these models.

This a device that could mean a new resurgence for Xiaomi, indeed. 2015 was not as expected. With the Mi 5 things could really change… but selling the phone in Europe and the US would help a lot in that case.

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