This is the future of mirrors

Max Braun, a software engineer at Google, has combined a few hardware and software components  to create a mirror that is certainly smarter than all the mirrors I’ve seen in my entire life.

This connected device is not cheap (the display panel is $450 alone) but the result is certainly impressive and shows the way to what mirrors could and should be in the future.

Sure, you could just have a smartphone or a tablet in your bathroom showing this information or a energizing morning video to get you on the mood, but this is far more attractive. In fact Darren Orf has expressed exactly my point at Gizmodo:

Google. If you need moonshot projects that actually make money, this is it. I will buy it immediately. Just tell much money I need to throw at you.

Exactly my point, as I was saying. Let’s see how much time is gone before someone launches something like this in Kickstarter.

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