GoPro’s problem: action cameras are not smartphones


It said it expects fourth-quarter revenue to be about $435 million — versus $511 million expected, according to Bloomberg — and $1.6 billion for 2015.

GoPro situation is not terrible, but the latest news make one thing clear: an action camera is not an smartphone. Once you buy one of those, you won’t feel the urge to upgrade to a newer, more powerful model.

You probably won’t buy another one. And if you do, you’ll wait years unless you’re a prosumer. As Mike Murphy has written on Quartz, GoPro proves how risky it is to invest in a fad.


In fact, it’s GoPro’s fault. Their cameras aren’t cheap, but they’re durable, touch, and really good. Obsolescence isn’t such a problem on these devices, and sales suffer because of that.

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