Steve Jobs movie: I don’t mind the ‘whatever’

I felt dissapointed after watching Jobs (2013) and more recently Steve Jobs : The Man in the Machine (2015).

Steve Jobs (2015) seems really promising. The just released second trailer is a little more revealing that I’d want to, but whatever.

Jobs’ daughter, Lisa, seems to have a prominent role, which as far as I know wasn’t that prominent in real life (not at least in his job), but whatever.

It’s based on the official Walter Isaacson, which I really didn’t like that much, but whatever.

Michael Fassbender seems to be in better shape that Steve Jobs was in his entire life, but whatever.

It has Jeff Daniels, which I loved in the Newsroom. And Kate Winslet, a sure bet. And Aaron Sorkin, who seems to be the perfect match for this film.

Whatever. I can’t wait to see this movie.

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