Apple TV shows again that control gluttony problem

One developer has found out that Apple TV games all must work with the remote, they can’t require an MFi controller at all. This is according to Apple guidelines in the App Programming Guide for tvOS, which states that “Your game must support the Apple TV remote. Your game may not require

I really don’t understand Apple’s stance on this. The remote is for sure a good way to control some games, but even the Nintendo Wii was smart enough to mix a traditional a joypad with buttons on its Wiimote.

The gluttony for control can be not only counterintuitive. In this case it’s also wrong. Apple, you’re closing the door to games that can’t be enjoyed properly with your remote. Let’s hope you step back.

Source: Apple TV Games Must be Playable with the Remote | TouchArcade

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  • Here I think you are wrong about the reasoning behind this requirement. It’s not control, it’s to asure that every user of the Apple TV is able to play the game, since not every user of the platform will have bought a Mfi controller.

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