Please tech, don’t bore me

If you pretend to be succesful in technology, you have to surprise us first. Do it at any cost. Present the smaller (or bigger) next big thing, the cheapest (or even the most expensive), or the one with that technology advance that seems unavoidable.

You’ve got our attention. Now prove that feature really pays off. Which is what most businesses try to do nowadays with their new launches. It happened everyday at IFA 2015, where technology once again was a little boring. Daniel Cooper writes about that on Engadget:

Technology, as we’ve established, can’t be boring. It has to excite us, and it does that by promising to make our lives better and more efficient

He talks about 4K, but the issue here is present in any number of technologies that are boring us. 4K is one of those boring advances. It’s unfair, yes, but 4K per se is not a compelling reason to buy that next TV (or smartphone). It doesn’t make our lives much better or efficient. And that’s a big problem if you’re not Apple.

So don’t bore us. But keep trying to surprise us. Please.

Source: 4K is boring and other musings on the failures of innovation

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