Samsung Gear S2 gets it right

Vlad Savov is really pleased with what he’s seen about the new Samsung Gear S2. There’s probably a really important thing in the experience that that smartwatch and the platform it runs, Tizen, offers:

I want a watch that can do smart things, not a computer that can do watch things.

The rotating bezel, by the way, is the most convenient, consistent and functionally efficient mechanism I’ve ever seen on a smartwatch. And when you eliminate the need for a Samsung phone (any Android 4.4 device with at least 1.5 GB of RAM will work), then you’ve got a solid, compelling rival to any other product in the market.

Did I mention that Samsung has even managed to get an eSIM (embedded SIM) on some of the Gear S2 variants too?

This is the star of IFA 2015 hands down.

Source: Samsung’s Gear S2 can make me a believer in smartwatches | The Verge

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