Pebble Time Round: now we need an elegant design for Pebble OS too

Make it yours.

It’s nice to have a round version of the Pebble Time. The first, square version looks to me a little too much like a toy, but this definitely looks different, more serious.

The interface is the problem there. Once you look at it, it seems you’re playing a game. That’s not bad in itself, but it’s a little conflicting. I’d expect a future version with a new, more elegant visual appeareance as well.

The screen size is a little dissapointing too. Pebble Time uses a 1.25 inches (vs 1.37” – 1.56” Moto 360 2 depending of the version, or vs 1.2” Samsung Gear S2). Pebble hasn’t published specs for the new screen size on the Pebble Time Round, but it seems smaller than 1.25”, and there’s another problem: that big bezels. Too thick, with 5 possible designs (with and without numbering).


Source: Pebble introduces its first round smartwatch | The Verge

Samsung Gear S2 gets it right

Vlad Savov is really pleased with what he’s seen about the new Samsung Gear S2. There’s probably a really important thing in the experience that that smartwatch and the platform it runs, Tizen, offers:

I want a watch that can do smart things, not a computer that can do watch things.

The rotating bezel, by the way, is the most convenient, consistent and functionally efficient mechanism I’ve ever seen on a smartwatch. And when you eliminate the need for a Samsung phone (any Android 4.4 device with at least 1.5 GB of RAM will work), then you’ve got a solid, compelling rival to any other product in the market.

Did I mention that Samsung has even managed to get an eSIM (embedded SIM) on some of the Gear S2 variants too?

This is the star of IFA 2015 hands down.

Source: Samsung’s Gear S2 can make me a believer in smartwatches | The Verge