Christmas is coming: OnePlus 2 is invite-free forever, OnePlus X will be just this weekend

Good news, OnePlus lovers. The OnePlus 2 will be available for everyone without an invitation starting tomorrow, Dec 5th.  That’s great news for the patient users who have wanted to get their grips on the smartphone that OnePlus launched this summer and that was his new “flagship killer”.

The step comes at the right time: Christmas time provides a nice excuse to get a new smartphone, and the OnePlus 2 has received great reviews (4.5/5 stars at TechRadar, 86/100 at Engadget, 8.5/10 at The Verge).

You’ve got to remember that this has no NFC of MicroSD slot (the 64GB model is therefore specially recommended) but the screen, the fingerprint scanner, the processor and a nice camera -not top-notch, though- make this model really attractive.

It’s a pity that we’ll have to wait for a invite-free forever OnePlus X, but if you’re interested this model (with an even better price/features ratio, I only miss the fingerprint scanner), this weekend you’ll be able to get it without an invite too.

Source: Just in time for the holidays: The OnePlus 2 is invite-free forever. – OnePlus Forums

OnePlus X is the Nexus we all wanted

The OnePlus 2 has been surprisingly unsurprising, but the new smartphone from OnePlus sticks to what really shone in the first device that this Chinese maker launched. Impressive price/features ratio.

The design is fantastic, the size is convincing, and all the hardware features (AMOLED!) seem really promising. Even the camera performs on the first impressions, and I’m sure this one will be the star of the show for the upcoming months on that price range.

In fact, this is what many of us wanted from the Nexus family. An unexpensive device with great features that can provide a good experience. I miss the fingerprint or the quick charge options, sure, but I can live without them for that price.

I’m waiting for the reviews, but I think this leaves Moto G and everything around $200-$250 biting the dust. And makes everyone wonder if they really need to spend the $400 the Nexus 5X costs. I’m not sure the official Nexus is worth that now.

Source: OnePlus X unboxing and first impressions [Video]