HTC One A9: judging a book by its cover

HTC released yesterday the new HTC One A9, a smartphone that look really good from the outside and that also gets really interesting features on the inside. There are doubts about its battery life, but what matters here is the promise of Android updates 15 days after the official Nexus line updates. They’ll have to prove that, because not everybody believes they’ll be able to get that.

Perfect fit, as Vlad Savov said.
Perfect fit, as Vlad Savov said.

The 3GB RAM / 32 GB storage will be $399 for a limited time, and if the camera delivers -audio seems to be fantastic- this is a good deal, although the Nexus 5X is even more competitive and the camera, according to the reviews, is really good.

The design is really aggressive. It’s so similar to the new iPhones that I wonder if Apple will sue them or not, but they really would have a winner here. But I guess HTC wanted to make a safe bet here: many people do judge a book by its cover, and on the looks area, the One A9 is good. As good as the iPhone 6s.

Polaroid Snap: A Digital Camera That Prints Inkless Instant Photos

The new Polaroid Snap is a digital camera that instantly prints photos without using any ink.

Others have tried before -Polaroid did too– and although the device seems fun and interesting, most people feels fine about not having printed copies wich, by the way, aren’t cheap with this technology ($15 for a 30 pack).

After all, you’ve got an smartphone always with you if you want to show that picture to other people. Messanging apps and social networks are terrific competitors against a paper photo.

Source: Polaroid Snap: A Digital Camera That Prints Inkless Instant Photos