Twitter, the social network that never was


I love Twitter. I use it constantly and it replaced RSS feeds as my main source for information long ago. I believe the product accomplishes what it promised nicely, but others are now getting more interest at what Twitter did better first.

Facebook and new contenders such as Apple News or even apps that weren’t supposed to do this -Snapchat, Instagram, what are you doing in this party?- are focusing on the same problem Twitter has tried to solve, but from a different perspective, and all are becoming a valid source of information. Of viral information.

That’s probably what is not working in Twitter. This micro blogging service has never been a social network, but lots of people compared it to Facebook or Google+ for years. And maybe Twitter should really do something to become a real social network. Maybe focus on your friends more than in valuable sources of information, but then again, Twitter was born to keep you updated with news sources you trust. Connecting with (old) friends was never the goal.

And so, we find Twitter in a difficult position. Jack Dorsey has come back as CEO, and according to Re/code the new Jack Dorsey is much better prepared than the old one to take this responsability: “He seems to be a completely different man than the one who returned to Twitter in March 2011 as executive chairman and product czar“.

He’s got big problems to solve, so it will be interesting how he tries to solve them.

Good luck.


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